Sunday, 18 August 2013

We are off to Villefranche-sur-mer ,,

On the morning of the
Kevin our Tour manager asked if
anyone would like to be dropped off in
straight away  Linda and I decided that
we would  take the opportunity
and make our own way to
Monaco by train.
We are so happy we did,
it is such a wonderful place
to roam round!!

A Brocante

As you can see it is quite big , we could only have a very quick look
as we wanted to get down to the sea front , café and then the train to Monaco.


Love the shutters !

I think this is fascinating !!! It is the gable end of
the house and all this is PAINTED on ..

Looks brilliant .. Well done to them..
Don't you think it is a FAB idea too??

We spied a market ,but NO time :-((
We both would love to go back and maybe stay in this area
without the Grand Prix being on.

I think by these photos you can get the feel for this lovely place ,,

I sure can ... !!

I have been trying to find more info on Henri Biais
Cannot find much but he was an artist ,,

Look at this door knocker ....

Meant to represent Fatima's hand !!

I have found a Moroccan Travel Blog with
a brief piece of history ,,





Don't bang your head ,,!!!

I love all the shapes in this photo !!

So cute

Linda having a cool drink :-)

I might have a few more photos of our Monaco trip,
to share, but then again I could take you somewhere else
If you are missing France , have a story to tell us, maybe
about a book or film ,, but France based , why not join us
over at Paulita's Meme Dreaming of France  
on her blog An Accidental BLOG

Monday, 12 August 2013

UPDATE - On my "Thistle" - Thanks Diane ..

Thanks to my great friend
for the info .......
My "Thistle"
an Artichoke !
According to Diane , it looks like it to her ,and after googling
it certainly looks like it .. have a look a the link above.
You can eat before the bud blooms and then it becomes bitter and  inedible .

Must tell my friend's mum ,, it is her plant.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

This and that over the last few days .....

A huge Thistle in my friends garden .......
over 6ft tall.
And I think so wonderful.

Closed ...


Rippling clouds , which are
(had to ask hubby) 


Flowers from Hubby

Blackberries in my front garden ,,
not planted by me .
Asbolutely 100's of them !!


Hope everyone has had a great weekend and have a great week too.
be back with more of France , one more place
near Monaco and then Paris !! Oh and I also have London
to do to.. ♥

Friday, 9 August 2013

My Very thoughtful friend ,,,,

saw this last week ,
and today she
bought it for me ,,,,
A beautiful box
for knick Knacks
or jewellery.
letters etc ,,


A wonderful start to my day .
Big thank you to Jinny