Monday, 30 July 2012

Liverpool LiL’s


Liverpool Lil’s in San Francisco…



This lovely post card was sent to me by my wonderful friend

Britt-Arnild,  who lives in Trondheim, Norway.

She went to Califonia with her husband Terje and youngest daughter Marta

for three whole weeks ..

She met quite a few blogging friends too.. One in particular,

being Rachel who she met in San Francisco and they had

lunch in this charming pub.

Britt-Arnild was the first person to send me a hand written letter

April 2009 ,

and that is how my postcard collection started!!

She also has quite a few blogs, she LOVES travelling too.

Please go and have a look at her fantastic blogs,

where you will see fab photos and beautiful words.

A big big Thank You to Britt-Arnild.

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Friends, Cafe Noir, Coco Noir and a gift….

on Monday evening my friend Sarah and i

were going to meet our good friends

Scott and Irene for a meal in a

restaurant in Oxford.

Unfortunately the plans got changed and

we ate at their place as Irene was

not feeling too good.

After the meal, they said shall we just go for

coffee, great idea , then we can head home.

Scott said “You are going to love the Cafe Noir

As we walked along we passed a beautiful

Chocolatiers… Coco Noir, of course it was

closed, I can always go back I thought.


In the window was some beautiful tins, I would

love one of those, and some Artisan Limonade!

Pictures on the walls of the Cafe!!

Cimg1733 Cimg1721


and a delightful dessert




Unfortunately I am going to

have to go back, as some of

my photos did not come out….

Good Excuse !!

or for some

Apple pie, which is a

German recipe ..mmm


During the evening I got talking to

the owner and I think is wife (not sure)

all about where they came from (he came from Iran),

how long they had been in England etc etc ..

then I started talking about my blog, and that is why I

would like the photos!!

After 5 mins or so he said “he owned another shop”,

I thought he meant a cafe/wine bar……….NO..

He/they owned


I did not know what to say really, , and started to say about the

beautiful tins in the window.. He said can you come back tomorrow

and I WILL give you one of the tins…. YOU CAN CHOOSE..

I said “ unfortunately I can only come back next week.. thank you .

HE said …”do you have time now?  Of course thank you so much..

He picked up his keys, I left my friends totally bemused.. and he took

me to his shop and let me choose one of his fantastic tins!!


Of course I had to chose one with Paris and as we (hubby) have been

to Le Touquet too, it seemed like the right choice!




The tin is very special, so I will treasure it!

A big thank you to Majid Yazdani ..

I will have to go back to Coco Noir and taste

his delightful GELATO!!

There are kind and thoughtful people out there.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Two more Postcards … Thanks Jennifer and Leesa ..

This is

Lombard Street, San Francisco.

famous for having a STEEP,

one-block section, that consists

of EIGHT tight hairpin turns.


I would love to see it, not sure about

walking up it, but would give it a go!!!!!



Jennifer,  my good  friend from Paris sent this to

me on her recent trip to the USA.


The next one is from my good  friend Leesa, who also lives in Paris..

a postcard from one of our favourite parcs…

Le Parc De Sceaux.

in the southern suburbs of Paris, on the RER B line.



We (Leesa, Jennifer, Barbara and Dawn)  had a lovely walk round here,

started off with a coffee and a snack .. great  cafe!

Beautiful grounds, the fountains, the house.

One thing that fascinates me are

the TREES.. the same height and all lined up!!


A BIG Thank you Jennifer and Leesa … my collection is growing !!!!

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Monday, 9 July 2012

My friends never forgot me ….. It is Postcard time…

This first one will surprise my friend
Linda sent me this postcard
way back in January
whilst on holiday in Wales..
I thought I never received it ..
BUT I found amongst the collection.!!!!
seen from Afon Dysynni
The second one is also from Wales..
from my friend
this is of the
Bluebells over Three Cliffs Bay
on the south coast of the
Gower Peninisula.
My good friend Diane AKA Trubes sent me this one!
The next one is from Seahouses, Northumberland
Seahouses is a large village on the North Northumberland coast in England.
It is about 20 km north of Alnwick
Big Thank you to you my friends
sorry it has take me so long
to put them on the blog!!
Another post to come
Thank you

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Chérubins et des anges

My good friend



Cherubs and Angels.

In her kitchen she


quite a few,

on the windowsill

on top of the cupboards too!








He has for you,

give the order to his angels,

to keep you in(through) all your roads.

Psalm 91

This little L’Ange Gardien came from

La Boutique des Anges, Paris

Monday, 2 July 2012

A beautiful gift ………………….

All the way from





then to


Thank you to my

lovely friends

Barbara and Didier.


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A wonderful surprise , so thoughtful xx