Friday, 27 November 2009

Postcards from my Great Blogging Friends ...

Two wonderful bloggers friends have sent me more wonderful Postcards. Such a surprise when I saw them on the mat! Especially as we had just arrived home from our holidays and I was missing my friends and France.

Juliets Balcony - Verona

This lovely card is from Rowena..Rubber Slippers in Italy. Rowena has a fantastic blog, not just about her life in Italy, but also about her life in Hawaii. With fantastic tales of travel, foods and recipes from home. Do call in and have a read, you will not be disappointed, she is a hoot!! :-

My other lovely postcard came from Switzerland. Her wonderful blog is From My Swiss Window with great stories and fantastic photos, of walks and life in Switzerland with her family. Pop over to her blog and see for yourself, you will surely want to be there..I know I would.
All the cards I have received are special, but what is amazing about these two is, that I was going to go back to Italy, but it was my husbands turn to choose the trip. Choices were Italy, France with friends, or Paris!!
He chose France with friends, which is great but where in France??...Right next to the Swiss border 10 minutes from Basel. And on our last day there, we were driving out, and he said where do you think we should go and I mentioned Jura, but we didn't know if we could in the time we had left so we went to Basel (Bale) for a walk around instead!!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Monday, 23 November 2009

Apologies to all my Blogging friends....

We are on holiday, so blogging has been put to one side, I am checking in though and have had more lovely comments. I see that there are many new posts by you all,So Lots to catch up with when I return home.

Hope you are all having fun, Have a great week. :-)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Merci to my wonderful friend…..

Leesa!!  Another great postcard fell on to my mat today, such a lovely way to start my day!!  Thank you so much for thinking of me on your travels..!! 

This time from Lisbon  (Lisboa) the Capital of Portugal. I love the postcard, I get the feeling of warmth, and vibrancy!! This great place  needs to be on my to visit list.Cimg3966

Leesa and her friend Lindsey , have been having a ball, travelling around Europe…. Here, Here and Here!!  Why not visit Leesa’s blog, and view all her amazing photos.!! Thank You so much Leesa.  Hope you and Lindsey had an amazing trip. Take care.

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Friday, 6 November 2009

Wooohooo I have reached my 300th Post!!!

According to my calculations, this will be my 300th post!!! I would like to dedicate this post to all of my readers, old and new. I have had quite a few new readers lately, which is brilliant, so welcome to my blog, and thank you for calling in and leaving your comments. A big Thank you to my friends that have stuck with me since the beginning and the blogger friends that have come on board, over the last two years or so.

Incidently my first post was on 14th January was all about our trip to Sicily, which we took on November 6th 2006! I remember arriving at our villa, once we found it, and sitting on the beach in awe of our view!

I have yet to finish my posts on Paris, a bit slow, I know. So I have put together a few montages of Paris, there is more to come...I just loved walking round, and snapping away..!!

My wonderful friends in Paris

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Two in one…Estonia and Lot !!………

Have you been to Tallinn in Estonia? I haven’t, but I know a lady that has.  My wonderful friend Kim B from Paris, has just returned from a great trip there, and yes bless her, she sent me a postcard.  You can read about this trip and many more over on her blog…Sassiland


Kim’s blog  is full of fantastic stories, and one which I found so great is Kim’s  amazing story about how she ended up in Paris!

I was also sent a wonderful Calendar from a lovely lady whose name is Laury. The calendar has a lovely poem on one side.


Laury lives in Lot Valley in the Midi-Pyrenees Region of Southern France, and  is another lady  with a fantastic story about  how she came to be where she is! You can read all about it and more great stories on the blog which is called Soar-Dream-France.  Oh yes forgot to mention, She loves Paris too!!

A big thank you to Kim and Laury!

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